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15 Surefire Network Marketing Tips. The Number 11 is What I liked Most.

For many years of its existence, network marketing has proven its effectiveness in providing people an opportunity to start a business and learn various real-life lessons to become a successful entrepreneur.

And it is good to know that you are one of those who realized the importance and power behind multilevel marketing or network marketing. Here are 15 tips to help you grow in this industry.

1. Select a good company

Few thing to consider when choosing a good company is the stability of the business, the qualities and experiences of the leaders who run the business  and the mission, vision and values of the company.

Another thing to consider when selecting a multilevel marketing company is the length of year of the institution in the business, information the main office, the partners and its branches.

Furthermore, does the the company supports the world market or only the national market?

2. Consider the quality & salability of the products

It is important to choose the product that you are proud of. The best type of products that your need to consider are consumables like food, drinks and cosmetics because you can surely earn from the repeat orders of your consumers.

The certifications, award and recognition—like FDA Registration, Halal Certification, Superbrand Award, Export Quality Seal— of the products is also important to consider.

In additional to that, the testimonials or the users are also convincing tool to add into the list.

3. Choose a good compensation plan

Every company has different compensation plan but most of them have (1) member’s discount, (2) referral bonus, (3) pairing bonus, (4)unilevel bonus, and other incentives like travel, house and car allowance and more.

All you need to do is to know how much does the company give you on this different ways to earn as member of the network. There companies that give 25% discount for their members and there are also companies that give 33% and more.

4. Choose the good business system

Make sure that the system is owned by the company itself because there are network marketing companies who do dot have their own system (or computer program in other words)—they only share with the other companies.

Another thing is how your are paid. Is it through ATM, check or electronic money transfer or combination of these three?

How your are notified about your earnings and how can you review it?

Is the transaction can be done online, offline or via mobile phone?

5. Use the products or services

In the company where I belong, we are always taught to the product of our products because you can’t expect that other people will believe on what you say about the product if you yourself is not using it. It is very logical.

It is also easy to share your experience about the product than to memorize the sales pitch that the marketing department prepared for you to use.

Remember that the most powerful tool in network marketing is the word-of-mouth, which all about your personal experience that you share with your friends.

6. Join seminars and training

Do not talk about the product or the business if you are not trained because you might say the wrong word to the right person.

  • It is not network marketing that will make you rich but your KNOWLEDGE about network marketing.
  • It is not the products will make your rich but your KNOWLEDGE about the products.
  • It is not the system that will make your rich but your KNOWLEDGE about the system.

Keep learning. Knowledge is your greatest asset that is more powerful than money and any tangible asset.

7. Devour your fear and be prepared for rejections

It is either you devour fear or your fear will devour you. It is the very first thing that you are going take into consideration after you have joined a network marketing business.

Your fear comes in different varieties and most harmful among them are the fear of failure and the fair of rejection. Why? Because in network marketing, you will be facing failures and rejections – a lot of them.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “I haven’t failed, I’ve had 10,000 ideas that didn’t work.”

“Of the 200 light bulbs that didn’t work, every failure told me something that I was able to incorporate into the next attempt,” Thomas Edison said.

So, why afraid of failure?

I work as graphic designer and it is not only hundred times that my designs and ideas were rejected, but it doesn’t stop me to search for new ideas and create better designs. The more you and your ideas are rejected, the more you strive for excellence and become tough on facing rejections.

So, why afraid of getting rejected?

In network marketing, you could not only experience rejections once—you can sure encounter them for many times. Don’t stop. Just keep going.

8. Acquire and develop necessary skills

Learn how to set goals. Identify what you want to achieve in a certain period of time.Without goals you can never win the MLM. Make sure to set SMART (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) conversion goals.

Learn how to invite, present, ask effective  questions, listen, sell, manage, delegate, advertise and more.

Multilevel marketing can provide you an environment to acquire and practice necessary skills you needed to succeed. Grab that opportunity.

9. Acquire the right attitude

Your attitude is what makes you 100%. Network marketing is about dealing with people. It is more about the network and less about the product.

Your attitude is expressed on how you deal with people and circumstances. Bad attitude gets bad result. Good attitude gets good result. Right attitude gets right result. Which do you prefer?

Some of the right attitudes in network marketing are:

  • Eagerness to study and learn more,
  • Accepting rejecting with a smile,
  • Risk-taking and safe keeping,
  • Enthusiasm and excitement on entrepreneurship,
  • Being creative, and
  • Perseverance and consistency.

10. Teach your downlines how to teach

Never leave your downlines untrained. Make sure that your downlines know how to duplicate the process. Teach your downlines how to teach their downlines.

Network marketing is not about how many people you have invited to join the presentation and buy a membership kit. It is all about how many individuals you have trained to do the business and become successful.

When you downlines become successful, the success will boomerang to you.

11. Don’t put other MLM companies down

One of the very important lesson I’ve learned from my upline is not to put other MLM companies down.

Why? Because we are all in the same industry, Multilevel or Network Marketing Industry.

When you put other MLM companies down, negative word-of-mouth will start to spread and you will be developing bad impression about Network Marketing before the eyes of people outside the industry.

Then everyone in the industry, including you, will experience the domino effect.

12. Leverage the power of social media

Social media are very very effective tool for networking because they are really design for that purpose. Social media allow you to interact with the world in real-time.

Here are the following popular free social media sites and their specialized purposes:

  • Facebook, Twitter and Goggle+: general purpose social networking
  • LinkedIn: Professional and business networking
  • Flickr and Pinterest: Photo and image sharing
  • SlideShare: Presentaion sharing
  • Scribd: Doccument sharing
  • YouTube and Vimeo: Video sharing
  • Vine and Instagram: Photo and video sharing mobile app
  • Blogger and WordPress: Blogging

Using different different social media platforms and formats will increase your online visibility. Don’t just limit yourself on using Facebook.

When using social media, make sure to maintain professionalism–do not spam. Sending too much private message containing copy-and-paste message will surely annoy your online friends.

13. Diversify your network

Connect with the teachers, media reporter, college students, house wife, drivers, vendors and any other groups of people.

Connect with the introvert, extrovert, creative, thinkers, innovators and many other.

Most importantly, connect with the influential people. Influence the influential—the leaders.

14. Be honest, do not hype

Being excited and enthusiastic is different form being exaggerated. Do let other people distrust you because more often, people buy your products or join your network because they trust you.

You r personal story about what your are selling is very important in network marketing. Do not say that you have already earned millions from the business of you’re only three months in the industry because for  sure, no one will believe you.

Do not show people a car and label it as MLM incentive if you actually bought the caught using your personal savings—not unless if that saving come from your network marketing business.

You can share your dreams and how you can possibly achieve them by the help of your MLM business.

15. Be positive ALWAYS, never negative

This point is supposed to be under No. 9 – Acquire the right attitude, but I would like to emphasize this a very important tip in multi-level marketing because there are many people who will oppose you to reach your goals.

It is more important to grow your spirit than to cut your dreams. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Remember that positive thinking produce positive result and negative thinking produce negative result. Which do your prefer?

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