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How Robert Kiyosaki Convinced Me To Join Network Marketing

If you are not very familiar about the backbone of network marketing a.k.a. Multilevel Marketing (MLM), you would think that it is an illegal pyramiding scheme like I thought.

But, if a reputable author and rich man like Robert T. Kiyosaki will recommend network marketing as good way to build your asset, you will surely have your second thought and will be curious about what is in it that the author of the bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, is recommending.

Because of my interest to learn how to build an asset and enhance my financial intelligence, I bought a book Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing by Robert Kiyosaki last June 2013. It costs B$19.80 (about Php 670.00) and the content worth it.

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On the chapter nineteen of the book, Kiyosaki recommends network marketing so much for every little money and risk, a person can build an asset in their spare time.

A young student from China gave a hand with my bag and said, “And that is why you recommend network marketing so much? For every little money and risk, a person can build an asset in their spare time.”

I nodded my head, “An asset that they can pass on to their kids when their kids want it. I don’t know of too many companies that will let you pass on your job to your kids. That is one test of an asset: You can hand it down to the people you love.

When I have read those paragraphs, I went back to the preceding pages and skimmed the content over because I thought I misinterpreted the context of the chapter, but it was not a misinterpretation. Kiyosaki really recommends network marketing.

After few weeks when I have finished reading the whole book, I went back to the book store and search for another material to enjoy.  I found another book that is authored by Robert Kiyosaki and it is about the business of the 21st century, which is also the title of the book.

I have no budget to buy a book that time so I just stood in front of the shelf and skimmed the book. Oh snap! Do you know what is the content of the book? Network marketing. Yes, it is what makes the business of the 21st century.

That book explains the revolutionary business of network marketing in context of what makes any business a success in any economic situation, and it justifies why it is an ideal avenue to make money.

That triggered my interest to study further this kind of marketing. I did my research on the internet and hopped on some reputable website and went back again to that book store to buy The Business of the 21st Century worth B$21.80 (about Php 740.00).

Below are what I’ve learned after few months of study.

Basics of Network Marketing

1.) About sharing information and personal stories, and not about hard selling. It is important to understand that the best and time-tested form of promotion being used here is the word-of-mouth. Instead of paying the advertising agency and media, the company is giving you commission to spread information and create a buzz.

2.) It also about caring the success of those you bring into the business. You and other senior people in the your team need needs to work hand in hand to guide those people achieve both their personal goals and goals of the business.

Network marketing tends to develop the type of a leader who influences others by being a great teacher, teaching others to fulfill their life’s dreams and by teaching others to go for their dreams. ~Robert kiyosaki

3. )It is a network of franchised individuals or personal franchise. Yes, it is a franchising, but instead of franchising a business like Jollibee or McDonald’s, you are franchising an individual.

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4.) The key to success in network marketing is what you can duplicate. It is just a matter of copy-and-paste legally, you will not be charge of plagiarism here. ^_^ You will be given the right to duplicate what successful people in the network do so that you will also be successful.

5.) The process is: 1st – connect with people and build good relationship, 2nd – invite them to experience the products you are excited about, 3rd – present the feature and benefits of the product and the business, 4th – follow up them about their decision, and 5th – train them to do their job by following this process after joining your network.

6.) Your job as network marketer is to have conversation, build relationship, explore possibilities, get to know people, and help them understand what this business is all about while you are developing your ability to have self-confidence, withstand rejection, communicate, be a great story teller, care about people, and other necessary business skills.

It is not an illegal pyramiding scheme

The easiest and fastest way to identify whether what you are joining is an illegal pyramiding scheme or legal networking is to see if there is any legitimate product or service being sold.

If there is no product or service being sold, that is surely illegal. If the value of the product or service being sold is very small than the value that you have to pay, that might be illegal.

In other words, when you join a networking group and you are only given a certificate of membership, no doubt  that you are in a wrong path.

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Next to that are the proof of legality like business permit, accreditation and other documents that justify that the business is allowed to operate legally.

Another way is to use  8 Point Test by the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) in cooperation with Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Things to Consider Before Joining a Networking Business

When selecting the right networking team to join into, the first question your are going to ask according to Kiyosaki is:

Is the company going to help me learn how to become a master network-builder?

Does it mean “recruiting” hundreds of people? NO. It is a the network-building that has been taught by career management professionals ever since.

In addition to that, there are few things that you’re going to consider – (1) the background stability of the company, (2) the quality and salability of the product, (3) the compensation plan, and (4) the business system.

Four more question your are going to ask before joining a network marketing according to Kiyosaki are:

  1. Who is [or are] running the ship?
  2. Does the company offer a proven plan of action?
  3. Does the company embrace both business skills and personal development as a regular part of its educational and training programs?
  4. Does the company have a strong, high quality, and highly marketable product line that you can be passionate about?

1. The Background and Stability of the Company

According to the experienced network marketers, the experience and the background of the leaders of the company greatly affect the business itself.

Who is [or are] running the ship?

The leaders of the company are next important thing that you are going give great attention because how can you be trained to become a master network-builder if in the first place, the people who are running the business do not know what they do and where are they going.

Does the company embrace both business skills and personal development as a regular part of its educational and training programs?

The vision and mission is also another thing. Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad says, “If the mission is clear and strong, the business will wither the trials every business goes through during its first ten years. When a business gets big and it forgets its mission, or the mission it was crafted for is no longer needed, the business begins to die.”

Just to make money is not a strong enough mission. Money alone does not provide enough fire, drive, or desire. ~ Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad

Aside from that, other information you need to consider are the length of year of the company in the business, when it was started, address of the main and branch offices, the experience and background of the directors, and company’s partners.

After all, no one wants to invest in a company that will declare bankruptcy after a year.

2. The Business System

It is all about how the business is run. It includes the payment system, the network system, and delivery of information, action plan and more.

System is the set of rules that govern the business. This is the blueprint that you are going to follow to be successful in the business.

Does the company offer a proven plan of action?

If those people who have joined ahead of you did not become successful and find difficulties to use the blueprint, then there is something wrong with the system.  They were not able to make a duplicable business system.

If you want to be rich, you need to create a system that is replicable.  ~ Bo Sanchez

3. The Quality and Salability of the Products or Services

Of course, you need to consider the products you can be proud of. How can you sell your products if you yourself doubt their quality?

Take note that networking marketing and direct selling go together. Networking marketing  is not only about recruiting people.

Does the company have a strong, high quality, and highly marketable product line that you can be passionate about?

During my research, I found out that good products are those consumables – products that consumer would use every day and they need to replenish it after using. Examples of consumable products are food, beverages, cosmetics and medicines.

I also found out that the health and wellness is the fastest growing industry in the 21st century.

4. The Compensation Plan

The most common compensation plans when it comes to networking business are the retail discount, direct referral bonus, binary compensation, unilevel compensation, and stairsteps compensation, car and travel bonus, and company share.

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The discount, bonuses and other types of compensation varies from company to company. One thing for sure is that the compensation is the same with corporate setting, there are companies that pay higher than the other.

Another thing that you are going to consider is when and how often you can receive that compensation. Is it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?

My Few Words

Network marketing is about team work, leadership and relationship plus desire. Compensation is just secondary. I am convinced that money will just flow naturally when you have the desire and a good team, your network.

I invite you to join our team. ^_^

What company do I belong? That is for you to find out.

Original photo (gorilla) By Sander van der Wel from Netherlands (Bokito is thinkingUploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Wow.
    This is really an eye opener for everybody that has negative thoughts about network marketing.

    Truly, network marketing is the fastest vehicle we can ride to get our dreams in life..

    • We cannot blame them though, Vic. ^_^ I too has gone through that stage and a lot of process including research before plunging into actual testing.

      But, there is not permanent in this world. Everything changes.

      “You cannot see the magnificent beauty of the ocean if you are not willing to leave the shore.” We need to explore because the provisions are already provided, all we need is to discover them.

      • I agree with you Jyppe. Sometimes, the problem is not the business itself that a person won’t invest/join. The real problem is that person has fear/doubts whether he/she can do the business well.

        • So true, Zhan. It is because of the fact that we are born with “to see is to believe” principle, but in some point, we need to believe on something to see the existing reality.

          It is almost similar when I started blogging, I have no ideas about what and where it is going to be but base on the stories of others, there is something good and beneficial on blogging. I did not experience the benefits and the good things that they are talking about then, but I believed and applied the ideas.
          My blogs now are considered assets.

          When I was just started, I encouraged some of my friend to do the same but they did not listen. When I received my check from blogging and they saw it, they started blogging. ^_^

          Fear and doubt are always there and they are present everywhere —they make life more exciting. Personally, I consider fear and doubt as a door to new opportunity and learning avenue.

          When there is doubt, it means that there is something you do not know…and that is for you to discover.

          Recently, I bought the world’s best-selling book by Paul Arden and the title of the book is “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.”

          It other words, it is not how well you can do the business, it is how well want to do the business.

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