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Barley Grass: The New Super-Food In World

More experts suggest the benefits of including “green food” in our diet. When we hear that, we usually think “I could have told you that”, we have been bugged by our parents for decades to have more “veggies”.

Even a child can tell you that veggies and green food have lots of vitamin and has great health benefits.

In search for the best green food out there, you are bound to stumble upon barley grass. Barley grass, sprouted from barley seed and has some great nutritional benefits.

The array of health benefits of barley grass to humans include, better immunity, improved sleep, weight loss, improved energy level and this is just to name a few. It’s best to have barley grass after juicing the sprouts.

According to Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, barley is the only vegetation on earth that can supply nutritional support from birth to old age.

To best understand its benefits, hear are 7 reasons why you should have it everyday.


1. More Protein And Less Fat

During its harvest barley grass has almost 45 per cent protein. “Yes veggies can have protein too”, and because of its high protein to low fat ratio more and more experts recommend its regular consumption.

Due to its high protein content it’s becoming increasingly popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Nutritionist G. Mckeith suggest it’s a richer source of protein than a sirloin steak.

2. More Calcium

We all know how calcium is good for bones. It’s more important for women as they tend to suffer more from osteoporosis and arthritis than men as they grow older.

Barley grass has a very high calcium content. Experts suggest barley grass is even a richer source of calcium than cow’s milk (eleven times more).

3. More Enzymes

Enzymes are needed in the human body for anything from maintaining sugar levels in the blood stream to metabolism of nutrients.

Without enzymes a human body cannot perform. These essential enzymes are found in abundant levels in barley grass.

It’s one of the richest sources of the enzyme, superoxide dismutase, which is known for its great anti-aging properties.

4. More Organic Sodium

“Now why do we need sodium”, you might be wondering. Organic sodium helps the body to repair the stomach lining and it increases the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Having food rich in organic sodium improves the digestion level. Barley grass with a content of 775 mg per 100 gm of serving is an excellent source of organic sodium .

5. More Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins are essential for a human body to perform and has various important roles. Barley grass is known for its abundant Vitamin C, B1, B12 and even Vitamin K content.

Some nutritionists suggest barley grass has as much more vitamin C content than an orange.

Minerals are absolutely critical for a healthy human body. From hemoglobin formation to prevention against fatal diseases minerals are essential for human survival.

Barley grass is enriched with more than 12 different types of essential minerals. Iron, which is essential for hemoglobin production in the body is found abundantly in barley grass. Barley grass contains 5 times more iron than broccoli and spinach.

6. More Alkaline

Our diet are usually acidic in nature. Having barley grass restores the acidity level in the body, which helps us fight off a lot of diseases related to high acidity level of your body like gout.

7. Highest Antioxidant Value

According to an agricultural research in 1999, barley has the highest value of antioxidant in the world.

It has 25,500 ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)  value per 100 grams. No other food can give you this antioxidant protection.

Photo Бранко Д. Тодоровић from sr [CC-BY-SA-3.0-rs or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons

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