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Hi, I am Jyppe Alqui. Thank you for visiting™ – my personal lifestyle blog and a place to talk about anything I wanted to share.

You can also find my graphic design and visual arts portfolio on this site, but I blog about visual arts and communication at CreativityWindow™.

I am a multidisciplinary visual artist who blends aesthetics into a happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

Making display props, setting up floor and window display, designing effective print designs – ranging from a small signage to a large vinyl wrap, doing product photography and maintenance of the visual impact of the store where I am currently working are only few to mention about my present responsibilities.

Some of the popular brands in Asia I have worked with are Canon, Nikon, Tefal, Pepsi, and Milo.

I hold a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics from Davao del Norte State College, Panabo City, Philippines with five different Leadership Awards, received during graduation, and I am continuing my self-study on Photography, Videography, Copywriting, Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

I had a plan of taking a Masters Degree but it is not realize until now since I have to work for living – for both my personal and family’s needs. Aside from that, I also have a dream of having an ‘educreational site’ where I can showcase my creativeness for both educational and recreational purposes.

I love collecting metal souvenir key chain, Lego and miniature toys. I am also an occasional traveler. In fact, I post about my travels on this blog.

Online Presence

I started entering the blogosphere in 2009 and after a year I have created many blogs as effect of my excitement in blogging until I have found my niche after few months of hopping from one blogging platform to another and writing anything and everything under the sun which I felt good talking about.

Though I have a little regret of having not a very good start in blogging, my learning from that experience is already a very good pay-off, and now I have the joy to maintain this blog, and other few blogs I have.

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