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8 Exciting Activities to Do in Summer with Kids and Friends

During a summer people find some time for enjoyment. It is a time when people become lazy and they do not like to do regular day to day activities.

There are many Summer exciting activities that people can enjoy this season by many means such as Fishing activities, organizing camps, and go to beaches, water parks.

1. Sports During Summer Days

You can play at various kinds of games because this is the season that keeps of sporting spirit high. You may select any kinds of outdoor games and play with your friends.

People living near to beaches like to play beach sports as volleyball is most preferred beach activities.

Playing Children

2. Adventures Activity

Apart from these activities you may enjoy activities such as Swimming, Rafting etc. You may also prefer some of the famous ice game such as ice Hockey, skating etc. You may also include activities Driving, Cycling, play tennis, and golf etc. as your summer 2016 fun activities.

3. Fishing

Activity like fishing is one of the prefer activities during summer. This is a favorable time because many water bodies fill with various kinds of fishes. You may get fresh and cool air during activity.

Picnic Picture

4. Camping or Picnic

Camping, one of the activities that are full of unlimited fun and enjoyment because you may go to zoo, parks or some adventure places or you may join some computer learning camps, weight loosing camp around your area.

Camping is best for each person of your family. Camping play dual role as they give enjoyment as well as an opportunity to develop you.

5. Visiting to water parks

Most of the city has a water park as a result this is a good place for enjoying this hot summer. A person with any age can enjoy this place.

This is the most preferred among all the summer 2016 fun activities therefore you are free to enjoy by taking part in water slides, swimming, wave pools, bathing

6. Enjoy by Relaxing

Among all the summer 2016 fun activities it is best for a lazy person. You can spend your day by sitting under shades and watching birds over you or you may prefer to watch television.

Surfing the net is another leisure activity during the summer or take advantage of boating in your locality.

7. Enjoying Water Balloons

Suppose that you are with your 8 friends and you have a good amount of balloon fill with water. You can enjoy lots of fun with this balloon.

If someone throws these balloons on your body, it really gives a pleasure that cannot be forgotten, call you friends and do these activities with full energy.

Kite in Summer

8. Flying Kites

When the summer day is full of dust and wind, the best action is to fly kites but for flying kites you need an open space with open sky.

Select any parks, field or if you have your own house terrace, you may take advantage of this activity. It is really nice to see your kite flying along with air.

This is all about the famous and most preferred summer 2016 fun activities. Enjoy all the above activities with full energy. This summer 2016 fun activities help you fight against Summer Monster, heat.

Playing children photo: By Alina Zienowicz Ala z (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons; Picnic photo: By Bart Everson (Flickr: Picnic by the Sea) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons;  Kite photo: By Tholly (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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