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10+ Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Alamada

Being a part of the province that is known as the Food Basket of Mindanao, Alamada is dwelt by hard-working people who are toiling the hillsides and plains to grow various crops and raise livestock to feed their family and other people in the community.

However, despite of being an agricultural land, the municipality is also blessed with attractive spots and fun activities that are less known to adventurers and travel freaks.

On this post, I collected some of the interesting places and things you can explore and enjoy in Alamada, North Cotabato, Philippines.

Asik-asik Falls

It is located at Sitio Dulao, Upper Dado. The water that comes from the rocks, instead of a stream, is cold and potable–you can drink it and nothing to worry about poisoning and disease.


Asik-asik Falls photo by Jyppe

The harmonic beauty of cascading fine drops of water and living green plant on the wall of rocks which make it looks amazing and considered as one of the unique waterfalls in the world will really mesmerize you.

Mimbalawag Falls

It is also known as Daday Falls. This is located in Sitio Mimbalawag , Dado and not so far from Asik-asik Falls. The access to this place is not yet well developed but the view is fascinating and this falls has huge rocks covered with grass and moss.


Mambaliwag Falls photo by Ardin Dizon

Kitub-Bao Cave and Mt. Opao

These two spots are both located at Kitub-Bao, Alamada. The cave has one entrance but 3 exit points, underground water, swallow birds, bats and other unknown insects could be found inside the cave.


Kitub-Bao Cave photo by It’s more fun in Alamada

Mt. Opao on the other hand is located between the boundaries of Alamada and Banisilan. It is abundant with natural grown trees and source of cold spring water.

Siya-siya Peak

The Shrine of the Holy Cross of Siya-siya is also located in  this place, but before even the cross was raised on the top of the hill, the Siya-siya Peak is already known for its beautiful scenery.

Photo by Shady Mosqueda Marcelo

Siya-siya Peak photo by Shady Mosqueda Marcelo

Let’s just say that it is similar to the Mine’s View Park of Baguio City where you can have a glimpse of the beautiful view of the valley from the edge of the cliff.

This spot has most number of visitors during Holy Week, and many people believe that the place is miraculous and offers super natural healing benefits for its visitors.

Ligo sa Suba

This is a Visayan phrase which literally means “taking a bath in the river”. This is an alternative of going to beaches since Alamada is a municipality that is quite far from the seashores.


Ligo sa suba (chidren are playing with banana pseudostem) photo by Jame E. Cino

Families enjoy going to the nearest river, usually in Raradangan River, for swimming and other fun activities like riding a banana pseudostem raft, katsiranay (it is like a catch-me-if-you-can game), and ball games especially during weekends.

Water Tubing

This is another activity in the river for adventurous individuals and trill-lovers where the participants ride on the top of the inner tube (or tire interior of big vehicles like jeepney and truck) while it is dragged by a strong water current.


Water tubing photo by It’s more fun in Alamada

For the safety of the participants, life vest, helmet and other protection against rafting and water tubing hazard are also necessary.

Jeepney Top-load Ride

Another one-of-a-kind experience when having a trip to Alamada is the top-load ride. You will be siting on the roof-top of a jeepney together with sacks of rice, fertilizers, animal feeds, and other goods.


Top-load ride photo by It’s more fun in Alamada

You will be enjoying the breeze and roadside scenery like fields of rice, mountain ranges, farm animal, luxuriant fruits during their seasons, and happy student playing along the road while going home from school in the late afternoon.

Just make sure to secure your gadgets and personal belongings because they might fall or may be damp if there will be a sudden rain.

Other Attractions and Activities

You can also visit the Sacdalan Farm, which has a view deck overlooking the valleys of Alamada, stroll around the pineapple plantation in Rangayen, climb to the top of Mt. Akir-akir, cross the hanging bridge, plunge into Kawa-kawa  natural pool at Brgy. Pacao, ride a horse, carabao or karusa, experience the pangagang  and  panalog (catching fresh water crab and fish by bare hands), taste the aromatic Denurado rice and  hot and spicy native chicken nilagpang, mamayabas (to climb and pick wild guava fruits) with the kids, and much more.

Kawa-kawa natural pool in Brgy. Pacao photos by Ian Ron Abaja

Kawa-kawa natural pool at Brgy. Pacao photos by Ian Ron Abaja

Carabao ride photo by Jyppe

Carabao ride photo by Jyppe

Do you have anything else to add? Feel free to comment.

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